North of Montana

North of Montana is an upscale neighborhood located in Santa Monica, California 90402 and is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Los Angeles county. Most lot sizes in this particular zip code (90402) may vary between 7,500 to 9,000 square feet and homes can range in price from $1,700,000 for a tear down on a 7,500 square foot lot into the mid to high $4,000,000 for a new construction home. The most expensive homes are located just north of San Vicente on La Mesa Drive. The Gillette’s Regent square tract, developed by King Gillette-the razor blade manufacturer are 60 x 149 with no alley’s.

Most homes in North of Montana generally fall into four groups: original homes, older homes, older homes with additions or remodeling, and new homes built on lots of original homes.

  • Original homes are homes that Buyers may consider as tear-downs due to their small size compared to the lot; many buyers think original homes don’t make the best use of the available land.
  • Older homes are dated properties that could use some work and are not tear downs. These may sometimes be referred to as “fixer-uppers.”
  • Older homes with additions or remodeling include real estate that has been rebuilt with features such as a updated bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens.
  • New homes are just that; new homes that have been constructed on lots that used to house Original homes.


The school district in North of Montana contains two highly regarded excellent public elementary schools (Roosevelt and Franklin Elementary) and one middle school (Lincoln). Residents who live on 15th Street through the west side of 26th Street fall within the Franklin Elementary School boundaries. Families that live between 14th street and Ocean Avenue attend Roosevelt Elementary.

North of Montana is a beautiful neighborhood that is always in demand for its location (only walking distance from the beach), easy access to local shops, and family friendly atmosphere. During Halloween, the streets near 25th Street are famous for their prevalence of trick or theaters, parties, and sheer amounts of people. North of Montana is a great choice for anybody looking to own real estate in an upscale neighborhood.

Montana Avenue

Montana avenue is home to the Aero theater across the street from always crowded R&D restaurant the only full bar on Montana Avenue. There are multiple coffee shops Caffe Luxxe ,Starbucks & Peets up & down Montana Avenue. Every December & June the Montana avenue Association hosts a neighborhood wide sale and festival where stores give holiday discounts, give free samples of food, or have clearance sales to make room for the new season of clothing. There is also a Whole Foods market, several banks & many fine dining restaurants on Montana Avenue.

North Of Montana Real Estate Listings

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