Charlie Sheen Receives Santa Monica High School Diploma Santa Monica Real estate

Charlie Sheen was presented with a belated Santa Monica High School diploma on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

“The last time I saw you was a while ago last time you were,” Leno  said in his interview with Sheen. “You talked to me and you mentioned  the fact that you didn’t finish high school. Tell the story.”

Sheen said it was true, saying he never graduated.

“I had 198.5 credits, you needed 200 to graduate,” Sheen said. “I was that close. My friend Berrera had 220 and I’m like ‘Can I borrow 20  points.’ And he was like ‘no.’”

Sheen said he was supposed to accept the diploma at this year’s Santa Monica High School graduation ceremony on June 7.

“I was going to go to the ceremony and there was that horrible  shooting at Santa Monica College and I guess it wasn’t meant to happen,”  Sheen said. “It was at the 100 year anniversary (ceremony).”

“So you didn’t get to go?”  Leno quipped on last night’s episode.

“No,” Sheen replied.

“So you never got your diploma?” Leno asked.

“I didn’t, no,” Sheen responded.

“I got something for you!” Leno exclaimed.

After Leno dressed Sheen in a blue graduation gown, Samohi  baseball coach Tony Todd — Sheen’s friend of more than 30 years — came onto the Leno set with Sheen’s diploma.

“You can’t go to Kinkos and get this,” Todd joked. “It says it  certifies that Charles Estévez “aka Charlie Sheen” (graduated from) Santa  Monica High School, class of 1983 and class of 2013. It is my honor as  your friend of over 30 years to present you with your official high  school diploma.”

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