Cirque and the Sea Concerts During February – Santa Monica Real Estate

The circus is sponsoring free February Sundays at a nearby aquarium.

Has there been an underwater-themed Cirque du Soleil show yet?

We don’t mean “O,” which certainly has its share of wowza aquatics; we mean clowns skimming about in octopus costumes, and a giant moving coral reef shimmering down from the ceiling?

It can’t be far off; after all, the Montreal-based circus has now unleashed several giant, prancing bugs in Santa Monica. We’re referencing “OVO,” of course, which is now under the Grand Chapeau next to the Santa Monica Pier. Which just happens to be the home of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium (it would be odd if something named “The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium” wasn’t actually at the Santa Monica Pier).

And the tie-in is what? It’s a good one and it involves the word free: Cirque du Soleil is sponsoring free admission to the Santa Monica aquarium every Sunday in February. Hooray! How often do “free admission” and a weekend day go hand-in-hand? Not often, is the answer.

The hours are 12:30 to 5 P.M.

So, what’s there? Touch tanks — love those — and seahorses and kelp forest exhibit. And more. Can you see a big kelp forest on stage during a Cirque show? Please, Cirque, call us. We have ideas. A manta ray on a trampoline. A shark that juggles by bouncing rings off its pointy nose. Somersaulting sardines.

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