Make your home green for the new year

Many homeowners will likely set New Year’s resolutions to improve their health or to further their knowledge, but making your home more eco friendly could be a simple change. While purchasing new appliances and making green upgrades can yield a quick transaction when adding your property to the list of homes for sale in Los Angeles County, living a more eco friendly lifestyle can lower your bills too.

One benefit homeowners in Southern California have when it comes to keeping their electricity bills is the nice weather characteristic throughout most of the year. Instead of cranking up your air conditioning in the summer, spend time outside and limit how long it runs. You can also be more eco friendly by using window shades and other insulation tools to keep your home’s temperature comfortable without having to overwork your HVAC system.

Swapping standard cleaning products for ones made from plants can reduce the exposure of chemicals to your family and the environment. Many major name-brands have released cleaning products made without harsh chemicals that contribute to air pollution. These cleaners should have a list of ingredients included on their labels.

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