Homeowners can make buyers green with house envy

What’s going to get your home sold?
While bathrooms and kitchens are important selling points for many homes, one way to up one’s real estate clout is to make one of these rooms both stylish and eco-friendly. Many home sellers may think green renovations are out of reach. However, going eco-friendly is both possible and affordable and may add enough appeal to entice open house attendees to place a bid.
There are several options for green bathroom updates. For example, homeowners could replace an outdated toilet with a high-efficiency model that will help a household to cut back on water usage. Those who choose to get eco-friendly toilets should look for a WaterSense label, which ensures that product meets EPA standards.
Homeowners that do not want to invest in a big-ticket item right before putting their home on the real estate market could also stop older toilets from leaking by replacing the toilet flush value.

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