How to Prevent Your Home from Languishing on the Market

While most homes will spend some time on the real estate market before finally selling, those that spend more than a few months up for sale with no bids may be a cause for concern for some sellers. Those that do find themselves hawking a home that is languishing unsold may want to consider what options they have available to them to remedy the situation.

Sellers that have been holding open houses to no avail should reconsider a home’s asking price, according to the source. While it may be difficult for some to lower their price in order to catch a sale, those who find themselves in a hurry to unload a property may be better served by making a price chop.

Pricing appropriately, even strategically, is a key element to selling in a short amount of time, according to LendingTree. Potential buyers could be put off immediately by an inflated price, and not think of negotiating.

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