Is Winter the Best Time to List Your Home for Sale?

la-284b223f51b54ecbbc4eed12ae4b8cf4-0-jpg-20141212You’ve begun thinking about selling your house and you figure: Let’s wait until the spring or early summer before listing…the yard will look its best and potential buyers will be out in force.

And everybody knows that winter is dead time for real estate!


National statistical studies suggest it’s not necessarily the case. Winter — officially Dec. 21 through March 20 for the upcoming season — can be a surprisingly advantageous time to list, shop, negotiate and buy. Consider some findings by researchers at Redfin, the online realty brokerage.

During the last three years, listing during those four months has produced higher percentages of above-asking-price sales than listing during any months other than April and May. In 2012, as the housing market rebounded, December listings produced the highest percentage of above-asking sales for the entire year — 17%.

If your goal is to sell relatively quickly, February is the best month to list, with an average of 66% of homes listed then selling within 90 days.

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