A real Malibu Barbie Dream House

Barbie Doll Museum at Bloomingdale´sToy manufacturing juggernaut Mattel recently revealed the Jonathan Adler designed Malibu Dream House a week or two ago and boy is it ever a damn doozy. The 3,500 square foot house, which is meant to be Barbie’s beach house, has a closet filled with hot pink peep toed stilettos and glass urns filled with Good & Plenty candies, a chandelier wrapped in Barbie’s nappy old hair extensions, a couple of campy hot pink standard poodle statues that flank a fireplace over which hangs a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls, a pool deck covered in wall to wall rose pink carpeting–yes, babies, carpeting–and a “pick up” list on the fridge with such necessities as peroxide, glitter and pink marshmallows, and a pearlized hot pink convertible Volkswagen bug with white leather interior and a damn built in make up table custom fitted into the trunk. Oh lowerd have mercy we have seen it all now and, butter bean, it ain’t pretty.

Jonathon Adler designed it. You can visit his store on Montana avenue in Santa Monica to buy real life size Barbie dream home assesories.

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