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Published November 23, 2010

The Waffle Truth
Santa Monica’s New Waffle House

UD - Bru’s WiffleOnce upon a time, peanut butter met jelly. And the world was good.

Sometime later, vodka met olives. And the world was better.

Now, pizza is about to meet waffles. And the world may never be the same…

Welcome to Bru’s Wiffle, your new shrine to all manner of waffle-based madness, opening Friday in Santa Monica.

In short, this is a bright little spot hinging on a simple yet profound notion: every meal should involve a waffle. Come by early for some coffee and an Aloha Waffle Scramble, and on top of your waffle you’ll find eggs, bacon and pineapple. At lunch, you’ll order a Chili Cheese Waffle, with a side of Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. Or a Chicken Curry Salad Waffle. (You know, for something lighter.)

And if you’ve got a pizza date after work, that brings us back to the Pizza Waffle. It’s a waffle topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and cheese. (Your move, Domino’s.)

There’s even a Chocolate Waffle, which you’ll top with grapes, Nutella and/or white chocolate chips.

No word on a Thanksgiving turkey waffle.

Has anyone tried this resturant yet ?

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