David Schwimmer, Is Far From ‘Friends’ – Selling Hancock Park home

friendsthe Brentwood neighborhood when the roar began. At first the sound was barely distinguishable from the traffic noise rising from the 405 freeway, a quarter-mile away. But it soon grew in intensity, a gravelly drone. Was it some out-of-control bulldozer? A military gunship on a low run? No, it was David Schwimmer, rounding the corner in a gleaming, oil-black 1969 Chevelle.

“I don’t get to drive this thing enough,” Mr. Schwimmer said lovingly, once he’d killed the muscle car’s engine and stepped out into the mild chill of a late-February afternoon. “It’s one of the things I love most about coming back to Los Angeles.”

Mr. Schwimmer had offered to show me the single-story, cream-colored house he’d lived in for much of his childhood. He regarded the street with a sweet, aw-shucks smile, recalling the time he tore apart his left thumb in a bicycle accident, and how a neighbor’s dogs used to “absolutely terrorize” him and his sister.

These days Mr. Schwimmer, 44, spends most of his time in New York, where he shares an apartment with his photographer wife, Zoe Buckman, and, come May, their first child. When Mr. Schwimmer played the endearingly geeky Ross Geller on “Friends,” he bought a house in the Hancock Park neighborhood, “eight minutes from the set in Burbank.” Now, seven years after the “Friends” finale, he announced, he was finally putting it up for sale.

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