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Easy Rider*

First of all, some basic psychology: many of us are too shy to be comfortable riding a bike in public. We’ve gotten used to our identities being tied up in our cars; and we’ve also become used to thinking of bicycles (like buses) as being something only for the poor.

It takes a certain courage to get on a bike and ride, especially when you don’t look like a fitness model, or the bicycle racer types in lycra covered in logos. But if you just get on and ride, you’ll be amazed first, at the positive response you get from neighbors and friends. And if you give it a chance, you just might enjoy it so much that you’ll want to ride. The shyness will disappear because you’re having so much fun. But start slowly, taking tiny rides, just a few minutes on quiet streets. Don’t think you have to leap in and go on big rides – just learn to enjoy little ones.

After you’ve overcome your initial reluctance by just getting on the bike and riding, take the next step and plan a short trip to someplace nearby to which you’d usually drive. But make some smart adjustments in your mentality. For example, don’t think that just because you usually would drive down Lincoln Boulevard you should go that way on the bike too. Unlike cars, bikes do well on slow, stop-sign-filled residential streets, and if you plan out a trip using such off-the-beaten-path routes, you’ll get to know your neighborhood better and have an enjoyable ride all at the same time.

This is written for all of you who have wanted to try cycling to get around on those errands where parking takes as long as the actual drive. Maybe you’ve gone to the market and waited to find a spot in the parking lot while someone rode up on a bike, and locked it right in front of the electric doors. But you’re scared, both of riding in traffic and of looking like an idiot. Well, here’s some simple advice that might help you overcome at least some of your fears.

End your pain at the pump. ride your bike.

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