Edmunds Exclusives Kicks Off With Groupon-Like Discounts To Consumers

Step right up...SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Edmunds Exclusives kicks off this week with exclusive deals for consumers that are patterned after those at Web sites Groupon and LivingSocial. The discount program is designed to go beyond existing purchase incentives and create “deal envy.”

Participants will be able to use the program to cash in on deals for new or used cars they may be interested in buying or leasing or for vehicles they have not yet considered. Consumers can expect cash-back, financing and leasing offers from participating dealers and automakers. The program may also include deals from auto-specific businesses like dealer repair and parts, maintenance and body shops, aftermarket audio dealers and auto broker services.

The program kicks off with pre-registration this week in Miami-Fort Lauderdale. Select markets will be added later this summer. Consumers can learn about exclusive deals in their markets by pre-registering online.

“The launch of ‘Edmunds Exclusives’ now brings more purchase power to car buyers, while at the same time giving dealers and automakers a new channel to market their products as they look to meet sales targets and make room for new models,” said Michelle Denogean, vice president of business operations at Edmunds.com.

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