Governor Serious about Going Green

Going green is not just a hobby for California Governor Jerry Brown. The lawmaker recently pledged to crush the opposition in his bid to make the state greener and more energy efficient by 2020, according to The New York Times.

A large portion of Brown’s efforts are focused on using solar energy. Harnessing the sun’s power in a state where sunny days are abundant can help homeowners to lower their home energy costs and also help state-run buildings cut costs, according to the University of California, Los Angeles, where Brown recently hosted a two-day event to discuss his eco-friendly agenda.

“Whatever amount of oil they have over there in Texas, we have a hell of a lot more sun right here in California … The sun is more abundant, more powerful and capable of generating more power,” said Brown.

The initiative is benefitting many state residents in the form of reduced home energy costs and increased jobs. Between green home building and energy-efficient house installations, the market for solar energy and the like is booming in the state, according to Earth Techling.

Homeowners who want to add the cost-effective installations to their home may even be able to take advantage of financing options and tax incentives created to promote the green technology.

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