Home sellers can paint their way to the open house

Many home sellers may find that they are unable to cut corners when it comes to prepare for the open house. While those who are serious about attracting potential homebuyers should certainly pull out all of the stops, it is possible to make marked upgrades to a home without breaking the bank, according to Bankrate.com.

Painting and rearranging rooms to maximize space and create a more open floor plan is one simple way to stage a home for an open house. Homeowners can get some tips by browsing pictures of other staged homes in their area and taking note of which colors and arrangements work best, according to the source.

Paint is also one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update any room. Properly chosen colors can make rooms seem bigger and brighter and also help mask imperfections that sellers want to downplay. Paint can also help to highlight special features in a home. For example, moldings will stand out if walls are painted a shade lighter or darker. Furthermore, fireplaces may get more attention if they are enveloped in a complimentary contrasting wall color, according to BobVila.com.

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