LA Water Cut Back Dropped to 16% – Santa Monica Real Estate


The state of California is only requiring Los Angeles to reduce water usage by 16 percent, a lot less than the initially prescribed 35% in the package of statewide cutbacks. Because the area served by the LADWP has already done so much to conserve, and Los Angeles is already ready to meet that 16 percent requirement by 2016 because of existing moves to limit water use.

However, summer always brings hotter days and higher temperatures which usually translates to higher water use (about %50-%80 of residential consumption in fact) and that could throw Los Angeles off course. If water consumption spikes, that would mean that, to compensate, new rules could be put into place dictating how often Angelenos can water their lawns or requiring swimming pools to be covered. For the time being, though, everyone can just continue to conserve as they have been until now.

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