North of Montana 90402 can you say overpriced! -Santa Monica Real estate

On occasion a Home Seller will think their property is worth more than the comps and they know more than the local real estate agents.

This is one of those houses.

Built in 2000 and clearly missing that information from the MLS this outdated Spec house has come on the market for a jaw dropping $4,995,000. It looks exactly like it looked in 2000 Beige walls, beige floors No pool, & no technology.

This seller clearly is testing the market at an asking price of almost $5,000,000 or $946 a sq.ft it is almost as much as a new construction house. I predict it will sit & collect days on the market until the Seller gets real.

It is so over priced it is not even worth showing given the amount of money you would have to put into it to make it look current for 2014.

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