North of Montana Real Estate Offers Easy Solutions to Lower Energy Bills

As the holiday season approaches, many homeowners are looking for ways to lower monthly bills. Since having the heat on during winter is typically a necessity, suggests sealing up air leaks to keep the warm air in, creating a warmer home and a lower energy bill. Open spaces, doors and windows pose an easier fix, while others may take more time and effort.

Small gaps between sidings and the home’s windows or doors can be closed up with latex caulk, while larger gaps may need to be filled with foam before caulking. Outdoor amenities including faucets, dryer vents and outlets can be closed up with the same caulk, while electric boxes and fixtures will need to be covered by alternative materials

For homes with fireplaces and woodstoves, the source suggests investing in air-tight doors to close off leaks while also making more efficient fires, and heat-resistant sealant should be used for sealing gaps around stoves.

Attics, hatches and interior doors should be weatherstripped to prevent major air leakage. Foam tape can be used to insulate these spaces while insulated garage doors could make a big difference in energy bills, according to the source.

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