Santa Monica Distress Monitor: 90403

I previously mentioned 907 22nd back in January as part of my “Bermuda Triangle” post.Previous Purchase: 3/21/00 – $740,000

Old Listing History: 5/11/09 – $1,575,000
Reduced down to – $1,475,000

Re-Listed: 1/14/10 – $1,475,000
Reduced – 11/11/10 – down to $1,425,000

This listing has been the definition of “stale” as it sat for about 300 days with the same bloated price tag. The location is not bad and there is certainly demand for this type of property in this location, but not at the unrealistic price they were asking. I had also heard that they were unwilling to negotiate with potential buyers.

So the $64,000 question will it now sell or does it need to be reduced further.

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