The Thinning – Santa Monica Home Inventory at A Dismall Low

Deborah Silverstein here, North of Montana Avenue real estate specialist, touching in with a quick update on the current inventory in Santa Monica’s most prestigious 90402 zip code. To be short and sweet – it is abysmal. Why oh why is the inventory so low? I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through some of these homeowners minds. Maybe they want to sit on the fence till 2016 when the market tanks again? I don’t know. Throwing away money isn’t my thing. It doesn’t take a layman seller to see the trends across the board. Prices exploded last year and have been slowly trickling south. The same thing happened around 7 years ago when the market tanked. If you are interested in selling and reaping the maximum return on your home’s value, call me today at 310.395.0113.

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