Three home maintenance steps to complete in August

During the summer, it’s easy to ignore necessary repairs when planning vacations and hanging out when kids are out of school. MSN Real Estate offers advice on what home maintenance owners of Hollywood real estate should complete in August.

It’s easy for yards to become overgrown in the summer, but getting rid of weeds and watering as needed can help improve a home’s curb appeal, says the source. If using fertilizer, it’s important to not use products that contain nitrogen, as they can prompt weed growth if the grass is not already green.

August is also a great time to give extra attention to sink drains. For slow-draining sinks, MSN Real Estate suggests trying a homemade solution instead of buying a chemical cleaner which can be harmful to pipes. Basic drain issues can be fixed by cleaning out the trap under the sink, but larger problems may require professional services.

Before winter approaches, it could be a good idea to have the heating system inspected and repaired before it is needed. Not doing so could result in homeowners having to wait for a service appointment, as companies may be busier when temperatures decline.

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