What’s Up with this Market?

charlie_golden_ticketIs it me…or is is only new construction houses and lot values that are selling? There seems to be a glut of unsold homes that are in need of repair or built in the 70s, 80s and 90s that are sitting on the market and have very little activity.

The demand for lot values North of Montana, particularly, 60-foot wide lots has come to a boiling point where buyers are now paying $100,000s over the list price with two-week, all-cash, no contingency offers. Buyers that require a loan have practically no chance of securing a lot and are being aced out by spec builders who are swooping in and closing deals in record time at record prices. The demand for 50-foot wide lots North of Montana is not as high as the demand for 60-foot wide lots because of what you can build on the lot and the finished product.

Finished new construction homes are now selling at record setting prices and are being bid up in multiple offers. With the continued demand for lot values, prices will continue to surge in 2014 and finished new homes will be at there all-time highs in 2015.

If you and/or know someone who has one of these “golden ticket” lot values and are considering selling, please contact me for a quiet, confidential and hassle-free transaction: 310.395.0113.

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