Witty Singles by the Waves (Santa Monica, CA) – Meetup

last light in santa monica~~~~Let’s make some waves~~~~

Dear Witty Wonders,

Elizabeth and I are SUPER Xcited to invite U to join our new social group!!! Please read below to learn what we’re about and what we intend to offer our members.

ABOUT WSW: As we transition from one age group to another, it seems that our tastes, ideas, the how…who and where we want to spend our time also changes. WSW is interested in attracting people that are over the bar scene and want to enjoy an activity while enjoying some libations! Not saying we will never host a bar event, just saying, “We want more” than standing around holding our drinks staring at strangers staring at you, but never interact…What is that??? So we intend to incorporate activities into the drinking schedule and hopefully those strangers will turn into new friends (that’s alot to ask..I know). Either way we will have FUN, INTERACT, & B ACTIVE!!

PURPOSE: WSW purpose is “Support Local Businesses” in our community. We spend most of our time on the West side because let’s face it getting across town in LA, and then searching for parking is always an event (not an event we want to host). With that said we will focus most of our events on the West side. What’s great about that is we already know a bunch of cool spots. Once we get our group going we hope to work discounts with the local shops/bars/restaurants for our members.

Last note, please be aware as organizers we take our personal time to plan events (which we don’t mind doing) but we would appreciate your participation and an RSVP either way. As life goes…the effort you put out is the effort you will receive. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!!!

Meet people in Santa Monica while supporting local business. Great idea Cheers!

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