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Many neighborhoods have a homeowner’s association, otherwise known as the HOA. Homeowner’s associations have their place, and can be useful. Let’s start with useful. The HOA can put together community activities; such as a picnic, Christmas party, or Easter egg hunt. Homeowner’s associations also take care of some or all of the maintenance to the buildings and landscape. For example, if you have a leaky pipe, you can call the association. If your air conditioner stops working, just call the HOA. The association also pays for the lawns to be mowed, flowers planted, road repair, sidewalk repair, etc.

pacific palisades real estate

pacific palisades real estate

The lawns are mowed, the streets are paved, trees are trimmed, and the homes look great.Each month you pay a fee for belonging to the HOA. If you live in the neighborhood, you belong to the homeowner’s association–in most, but not all cases. Belonging to an HOA can have its problems. Other times the HOA isn’t forthcoming with where the fees you, and the other homeowners pay, are going.

Each HOA has a set of rules, or bylaws that they go by. If you have a problem, each HOA has a board. If not, you have the option to take legal action. There are lawyers who specialize in dealing with homeowner’s associations.You can find out the bylaws by asking someone in the homeowner’s association.

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    I’m not exactly a big fan of HOA but it is great for people that don’t want to deal with maintenance

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