Are You Going Green For Earth Day?

Whether you compost, grow your own food, ride a bike once a week instead of driving or even just recycle a few items from your trash every day, you’re making a difference in how inhabitants of this planet will live for generations to come.

For the past several weeks, Patch has featured a series of articles on ways you can do more to help keep the environment healthy. Now it’s your turn.

Sustainability is a lifestyle choice, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one. If you’ve got any tips for living environmentally friendly, share them with the community here in the comments section.

Also, Earth Day is on April 22, so that gives us a few weeks to find green volunteer opportunities in Santa Monica. If you know of any, please list them in the comments below. It would be a huge help.

We’ll then include your submissions in an article published a few days before Earth Day.

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