Best Salad Bar in Santa Monica Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery


Best known as having “LA’s Best Salad Bar” and being less than a mile from my house, I already knew that this micro-grocer would provide a treat, a convenient one at the very least. Well folks, I wouldn’t call their salad bar “LA’s Best,” but the choices were a-plenty and everything was very fresh. Their protein selection was particularly impressive with a wide variety of  marinated meats and bean mixes (curry-flavored chicken pieces and savory quinoa salad, ftw!).

But with every fresh salad bar, I frequently face the (common?) problem of overloading, so by the time I get to the cash register, I realize that my while my salad is still healthy, it now has a serving size of two… or even three. That would be fine if I were planning on sharing it… (portion control — what’s that?) My overeager appetite always gets the best of me, and yes, too much of even good things is actually kind of bad.

100% worth checking out. Best salad bar in my opinion in all of Los Angeles

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