Home Improvement No-No’s! – Santa Monica Real Estate

Many home improvement projects can increase a home’s value and functionality while others may only jumpstart a slew of needed replacements.

Fist and foremost: never overlook safety precautions while completing projects as actions such as overloading outlets can lead to a more costly repair. Turning off breakers while working with the home’s electrical systems and wear safety goggles when needed.

While painting can be a relatively inexpensive do-it-yourself project, HGTV advises not skipping a coat of primer before painting, as it will not only seal the surface but provide durability for years ahead. The source says primer may not always be necessary but should be applied when making a dramatic change in color.

Even if a project seems easy, the network indicates the importance of homeowners hiring a professional when one is needed. When looking for a service such as a licensed electrician or plumber, HGTV says to make sure they are qualified for the job that is needed.

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