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Bear & AveryCentinela Feed & Pet Supplies: The Southern California pet resource center carries collars, leashes, flea and tick medication, toys and much more. It also holds adoption fairs, for dogs and other pets, on the weekend.

Pourtal: The wine-tasting bar has a dog-friendly patio directly in front of the building. Swill away, and munch on food too, while your dog enjoys some treats laid out by the employees.

Barnes & Noble: Since it opened more than a decade ago, the bookstore has allowed dogs inside—so long as they’re on a leash. One of the sales reps told Santa Monica Patch that, surprisingly, accidents have been rare over the years.

• To Wag For: This pet store has a doggie day spa, and a line of organic food and snacks. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a Chanel Vintage shop for dogs.

Animal Wellness Center: Described as a “Disneyland for Dogs,” the center features microchipping, grooming, behavior classes, educational seminars and vaccination clinics.

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  • Alex Rogers

    Thanks for the great post. I wish Duluth was more pet friendly, especially during the summer when you want to bring your dog everywhere. Fortunately, Minneapolis is starting to be more dog friendly which means its only a matter of time until it reaches the North Shore.

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