Summer Home Improvements Worth Making – Santa Monica Real Estate

Santa Monica home improvements can be expensive, so homeowners should be sure the upgrades they choose to make will not only be useful but also increase their home’s value. offers advice on what improvements are worth making this summer.

According to the source, building a deck can be a great investment, making the most of a home’s square footage while also providing plenty of space for entertaining throughout the warmer months of the year. A composite deck can stand the weather and get around 66 percent resale value. A wood deck costs less and may allow homeowners to get back around 72.8 percent of what is spent on the improvement.

An outdoor kitchen can also be a great option for homeowners living in California and increase the value of homes for sale in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Since fenced-in outdoor areas can be included in California homes’ square footage, this addition can increase a home’s resale value greatly.

The more fixtures homeowners add, the more value their home should have when listed for sale.

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