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I just came across thia great article on interior design What is it that makes a beautifully decorated room? Is it expensive curtains? Or plenty of light, or original artwork?

According to interior designer Michael Wood of IX Design, there isn’t one magic formula to create the perfect room. Even an interior designer starts from scratch with each project, working with both the client and the space.

The key to a beautiful home isn’t spending a ton of money on pricey furniture or designer fixtures. It’s about making sure everything in your space works together.

Magic formula or no, 15 years of projects gives you some insight. So Wood shared his seven key principles of creating a great space, from where to start to what to avoid. The best part? Doing it right doesn’t mean draining your checking account.

Live with it

How do you know it’s a good fit? Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does it make you happy?
  2. Is it functional in the way it was intended?

Soften the corners

Never buy a set

Don’t over-theme

Choose the right white

Don’t fight the architecture

Start with the box

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