Water Features Add Curb Appeal – Santa Monica Real Estate

Often, it is the small touches that can increase a home’s appeal. While there are plenty of ways for home sellers to spruce up their real estate for an open house, adding outdoor elements like a water feature may be the last eye-catching touch that attracts buyers.

For a little money and sweat equity, homeowners can make their outdoor spaces an elegant extension of their home’s interior. Whether homeowners want to add a pond or fountain, the task can be easily accomplished.

The most cost and time effective water feature may be one that is prefabricated and plumbed, according to the source. Such products would be the easiest and fastest to install.

Homeowners should choose a spot for the water feature that will have the most impact on potential buyers but also be the most sensible. Once the perfect location has been determined, digging can begin, according to the DIY Network.

The hole should be covered in a liner, and the water feature should be put into place. Rocks and additional decorative items can be placed around the installation for maximum effect, and the pond should be filled and pump tested once everything is in place, the source explains. Creating a sitting area around the future may make it easy for homebuyers to see how outdoor spaces can be enjoyed.

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